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Summary of Phase I Project: School Uniform from KEA (SUKEA):

Purpose: Provide school uniform for needy primary school students from Kano - Kenya.
In 2016, the Development, Education and Health (DEH) committee proposed to carry-out a pilot project aimed at providing school uniforms for needy Kano primary school children by raising funds from six DEH committee members. Purchasing school uniform for students at all levels of education except universities in Kenya, is the responsibility of the parents or a guardian. Some of the students starting school or continuing with their education are orphans or have parents who lack the resources to provide them with school uniform. School uniforms are a mandatory requirement in primary and secondary schools. Subsistence activities far outweigh the need for uniforms, basic choices that frequently force children out of school.

The SUKEA pilot project provided school uniforms to 13 needy children who would have otherwise missed school because of lack of school uniform. The DEH committee learnt that there were more needy children in KANO that lacked school uniform but were not helped because of limited funds.

DEH partnered with a local organization who assisted in the identification of the schools and children. Furthermore, the DEH stipulated that the tailor had to be a single mother or a widow.

A total of $200.00 was raised for the SUKEA pilot project, and the following children benefited from the pilot project:

01.           Marion Stacey           Class   1          -           Wambi Primary School
02.           Margaret Achieng    Class   3          -           Wambi Primary School
03.           Weine Onyango        Class 3            -           Wambi Primary School
04.           Paul Otieno                Class 5            -           Amilo Primary School
05.           Bruno Otieno              Class 6             -           Amilo Primary School
06.           Beril Akinyi                  Class    3          -           Amilo Primary School
07.           Lucy Akinyi                 Class   1          -           Margare Primary School
08.           Joy Awuor                  Class   1          -           Margare Primary School
09.           MonipherAtieno        Class    6          -           K’Odhiambo Primary School
10.           VenasaAchieng        Class   7          -           K’Odhiambo Primary School
11.           Aflin Odhiambo         Class    3          -           Ogilo Primary School
12.           SherlineAluoch           Class    6          -           Ogilo Primary School
13.           Margaret Anyango   Class    1          -           Golden Foundation Learning Center


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