Kano Empowerment Association - USA
Kano Empowerment Association - USA

Development, Education & Health

The key objectives of the Development, Education and Health committee include the following:

1. Promote, facilitate, and develop educational opportunities within Kano Community.

2. Provide and promote healthcare within Kano Community.

Latest Projects


Purpose: Provide school uniform for needy primary school students from Kano - Kenya.
In 2016, the Development..

Kano Floods

Flooding has been a major cause of disaster in Kano leading to death, displacement, poverty and diseases. In April 2020,.....

Upcoming Projects

Due to the perennial rain and the type of soil, Pit latrines in Kano area have been know to collapse. KEA deliberated and came up with a solution to construct two....


We constantly organize events in our neighborhood to help residents network more with each other and create a feeling of togetherness. This year......

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