Kano Empowerment Association - USA
Kano Empowerment Association - USA

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much is the registration fee?

A: $100.00 per year

Q: How much is the welfare fund?
A: $20.00 per month beginning March 2016

Q: Where do I make payments?
A: KEA-USA opened a bank account with Wells Fargo. Account Name:: KANO EMPOWERMENT ASSOCIATION; Routing #::055003201; Account #::9337601570

Q: How do I make payment if I don’t have a Wells Fargo Account?
A: You can mail a check, or stop at any Wells Fargo account and make a deposit. We are working to make payments electronic through PayPal.

Q: Can I mail a check?
A: Yes, make the check payable to KANO EMPOWERMENT ASSOCIATION, then send to KEA-USA 3117 Northway Drive Baltimore MD 21234.

Q: Can application form be completed online or it has to be printed?
A: The application form must be printed and signed then scanned and sent via email or posted to KEA-USA 3117 Northway Drive Baltimore MD 21234. First time must be filled in and signed off.

Q: What is the next step after making payment?
A: Take a picture of your receipt or scan, and then send to the treasurer at 
treasurer@kea-usa.org.  Make sure you write your name on the receipt before scanning or taking a picture.

Q: How can I contact the treasurer?
treasurer@kea-usa.org or (202) 701-5249

Q: Do I have to fill out the beneficiary form?
A: There is no standalone beneficiary form, however, you need to fill out the beneficiary section of the registration form.

Q: Where can I find the forms?
A: Request the form by sending an email to 
secretary@kea-usa.org or info@kea-usa.org. You can also login on our website at www.kea-usa.org and send an email or contact us directly.

Q: How do I get the login information?
A: Request for login information 
by sending an email to either “secretary@kea-usa.org” or “info@kea-usa.org”.

Q: When is the deadline for registration?
A: 31st March of every year. For this year, 2016, the executive will make a decision on the deadline given this is our first registration process.

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